13 Ways From Semalt To Make Money With SEO

Do you want to know one of the fastest ways to make money in 2021? This is exactly what we are going to show you. There are many opportunities to make money with SEO and page ranking in Google. You can amass a fortune if you focus on the right methods and are willing to work to learn.

Moreover, thanks to the Semalt Partner Program, you can easily earn money with SEO by becoming a member of the program.

Before you start making money from optimizing web pages, make sure you meet these requirements for success:

1. Understand SEO optimization techniques

You need to be able to successfully complete an SEO audit, find keywords, perform competitive analysis, and know how to get quality links quickly.

If you don't feel competent in these areas, you should learn how to do them. There are some great sources of information for you to easily learn how to do SEO.

2. Understand how to develop targeted traffic to a website

To be successful in making money from SEO, you need to understand how to increase traffic to a website. This will be a task that can take months, so make sure the company / business owner you work for understands this. SEO results won't happen right away, but with a good tool like the SEO Personal Dashboard, you can go faster.

In addition, it is not enough to increase traffic, it also requires qualified traffic that matches the objectives of the business. If the business expects more sales, you will need to increase traffic from people willing to buy (for example, by setting up a blog for the website).

3. Where can I find clients who need SEO services?

Some SEO companies will be easier to rank on Google, while others will fare better paying for Google AdWords advertising (if it is a very competitive market).

Either way, you need to identify the channels where you can find clients and convince them to work with you. Below, we'll show you the best ways to get your first client or business to pay you for your SEO services.

4. Learn how to use social media to get more traffic

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have become good tools to get more customers. If you can integrate social media into your SEO strategy, not only will you be able to charge more, but you will also be able to deliver better results, in less time.

SEO software and tools you will need

Making money doing SEO will require investing in certain tools that will make your job easier and help you get results faster. Fortunately, the cost of these tools can be covered by finding companies that need your services.

However, to help you avoid unnecessary expenses and provide better service to your customers, adopt the DSD tool: an all-in-one tool that will help you with all your SEO tasks and more.

Moreover, thanks to Semalt's Partner Program, you can easily earn money by providing better SEO service.

The Best Ways To Make Money With SEO

Are you interested in making money doing SEO? Here are the recommended ways to start generating income:

1. Offer SEO services on the Internet

This is the best way to start making money with home SEO because it will serve as training and you can start by testing if optimization for Google is right for you.

This is because you can find businesses that need your services in Internet marketing forums or Facebook groups and offer your search engine optimization services.

You can also offer your services on independent sites like Upwork.

2. Make money doing SEO on Fiverr

Do you find it difficult to start making money with SEO? Then this method will be for you. How are you going to find companies that pay you for SEO?

Start offering your SEO services on Fiverr. With this company, they will pay you $5 to do simple SEO tasks. While $5 isn't a lot, the key when using Fiverr isn't the down payment. Your goal will be to contact companies that you can work with for the long term.

3. Have your own blog

Having your own blog and having some SEO knowledge will be one of the best ways to make money. You'll be surprised at how many bloggers post extremely useful content but don't know how to get Google to rank it correctly.

Create a blog for a specific audience. Don't try to have a blog that is "for everyone" that doesn't work. Publish quality content and use the DSD tool to promote it and rank it better on Google. So you can offer this same experience to your visitors.

This way, we make sure that you can start making money passively and that you can free up your time to do other things.

4. Affiliate marketing + SEO

One of the ways to make more money doing SEO is affiliate marketing. Your job will be to build your own websites and use your skills to rank them on Google.

If you are interested in this method, we recommend becoming a member of the Semalt Partnership Program.

5. Find a job as an SEO

It is the area of SEO that is the most difficult to reach, but it is generally the most stable. This way of making money with SEO is the most traditional: finding long-term employment with a company (called a "traditional job").

You won't always be able to work from home with this method, although more and more companies allow their employees to work remotely.

Check vacancies for SEO. Besides creating your resume, having a website showcasing your successful projects and websites will give you a huge head start in getting hired. Very few companies are generally interested in your SEO training if you can't show tangible results from your work.

6. SEO for local businesses

There are probably hundreds of local businesses in your area that need your services and most of them don't even know it. Making money doing SEO for nearby businesses is easier than doing it with large companies because the competition is usually much lower.

Small business owners hardly ever know how to SEO, but everyone can certainly benefit from having more clients through your services.

Talk to some business owners in your area and offer them your SEO services for a monthly fee. Not everyone will hire you, but some will and you will be able to earn a significant income while working on building your own websites for long term passive income.

7. Create a site with a lot of authority

Making money with an authority site will be a long-term strategy that will become VERY REWARDING. In fact, it can be said that this is the way to make the most money with SEO.

What is an authority site? It is a site that contains several links from other companies or websites known for their good content. Having a site with a lot of authority will be the easiest way to rank in Google.

You should start by building a site on something that you are truly passionate about. Otherwise, you are very likely to fail. This way, you can create and publish really useful content for your readers. Remember that your mission is not just to build links from important sites. Your main mission should be to deliver great value content to your audience.

8. Sell courses online

Anyone can write or record a course, but not everyone will be able to get enough traffic to make enough money. That is why it is one of the best methods to make money doing SEO.

Start by finding a topic that you are passionate about (example: programming). Then you find a problem that needs a solution (e.g., how to start programming without fear). Record a course teaching other how to solve this problem and use your SEO skills to market your course.

Do you know of a smart way to hit a golf ball further? Do you have a natural remedy for insomnia? Surely you have something that you can teach others.

9. Create a tool for SEO

If you know programming, you can make even more money by combining your experience with SEO. Even if you are not an expert in programming, you can also partner with an expert developer to create your idea for you.

The SEO profession is evolving rapidly and opportunities to create new tools are constantly appearing. Indeed, the most effective SEO tools focus on identifying a need in the market and resolving it.

Ask yourself the question: what could make my SEO tasks easier? With the right idea, resources, and an open mind, you can earn thousands of dollars per month using this method.

10. Resell products on Amazon

Have you ever considered selling a physical product on Amazon and taking advantage of the massive traffic that store receives? Knowing about SEO will give you an absolute advantage over other marketers.

Selling on Amazon is quite easy, anyone can do it, but your SEO knowledge will help you leverage Amazon site authority and Google rank in the first place.

11. Your own online store

Knowing about SEO will help you immensely when starting your own online store. How about selling your own wares or reselling products imported from China with your own e-commerce site?

Use a service like Shopify to start your own online store. You can do this in under 30 minutes by following the tips on our Blog and then start SEO on your website to attract customers to your store.

12. Capture leads / prospects

Many companies will pay you to attract potential customers to a certain service. For example, mortgage companies pay a lot of money for each prospect or provide information for everyone interested in buying a home.

To get there, you'll need to make a deal with the business owner and set a fee for each potential customer you send. Example: You can create a site where people interested in buying a house fill in their information and you charge the transfer of this information to the mortgage company. To go faster in your SEO process, use the SEO Personal Dashboard tool.

13. Write for other websites

Today, good internet writing pays very well. The problem is that anyone can write, but very few are effective at capturing audiences.

Write SEO optimized articles and reviews and work with blogs, sales pages, eBooks, and email newsletters.

Writing for websites is a great place to start making money from SEO. Plus, more and more companies are paying you up to $50 to write a really good quality article.

Make Money With SEO: Summary

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most useful money-making skills these days. You can earn thousands of dollars a month working from home or working for a business if you know how to rank a website on Google. Moreover, the key to being successful in this area is having a better all-in-one SEO tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard available.

By following the tips and fulfilling the aforementioned conditions, you can earn passive income for the rest of your life by optimizing websites for search engines.

If you have any doubts or questions about these ways to make money with SEO or what to do to get started, leave us a comment and we'll do our best to help. You can also contact us directly.